BRICS COUNTRIES BUYING UP ALL GOLD!!! Gold-Backed Currency launching 2023... Buy Bitcoin

today we'll be discussing something very important namely that the brics countries are buying gold like never before this is insane guys they've never bought this much gold they're leading on all directions when it comes to buying hard assets including gold so as you can see the countries reporting the largest purchases in the first two months of this year were Singapore turkey but then China Russia and India .

 the Central Market of Russia published an update on this gold user for the first time in about a year and this is very important because you see that right now the multipolar world is coming into fruition we've been following Bitcoin for quite some time, we've been following all but the most important story right now is how the US dollar is losing its momentum and losing the global appeal and imagine if next month let's say later this year bricks come out with their own currency that is gold backed actually gold-backed

not Fiat but they actually tell you listen it is gold-backed it's called back 100 how what what would the world do and what would happen to the reserve currency of the US dollar and how will the world look like that's a very interesting question we have to ask ourselves now the problem with this system as you know we've been like a parrot I've been repeating this like a parrot even if bricks do something their political system is not better it's not like their their societies are less corrupt they're more corrupt in many,

ways so that's why I'm telling you that the multipolar world is gonna accelerate they are probably gonna launch a gold-backed brics currency but what's key is that the only solution in the mad house right here and this is going to be an even bigger mad house ,I mean you think now we have a madhouse with the US dollar imagine having a multi-polar madhouse it is gonna it's gonna be the mad house the financial madhouse 
but that's where the stability comes in that's where crypto 

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