what's up guys so the time has finally come saving money is now officially profitable that's right for the first time in my site career cash is once again King and if you have any amount of savings whatsoever this applies to you because there are so many potential opportunities to make money with rates that we have not seen in more than 15 years so without further Ado, let's talk about the five best bank accounts that pay you the highest interest rates possible for you doing.

absolutely nothing and to do that I've set a strict criteria ,first it's got to be from a well-known Banker company second, they must be verified third, they must be available to anybody in the United States fourth, they gotta be FDIC insured and fifth if you appreciate the information feel free to subscribe it helps with the site tremendously none of these banks are sponsoring this article I get no Kickbacks whatsoever from talking about them and as a thank you for doing that I will do my best to respond to as many comments as possible.

so thanks so much and now let's begin first we have my long long time all around favorites Ally Bank this is a bank that I've personally been using for over a decade and up until recently they've been my go-to for pretty much everything online banking that's because they allow you to make unlimited free accounts the app is extremely easy to use they're 24 7 customer service is fantastic and there's no monthly maintenance fees or minimums to get started on top of that you also get the typical FDIC Insurance up to 250 000 now. 

I know this sounds like some sort of paid promotion but trust me I just genuinely like the company and they've never responded back to my partnership emails, but regardless they've been a great company to bank with and they currently pay a 3.75 interest rate within their savings account or you could take advantage of their money market account which is currently paying four percent ,

they also offer high yield CDs that they're currently paying anywhere from four and a half to five percent depending if you choose a 12 or 18 month term or a no penalty 11 month CD that pays 4.35 where you could take out your money anytime after the first six days to me this is just a really good bank with a lot of utility especially if you want the entire package versus just a savings account but the downside is that this is a company that is exposed to a high amount of Auto debt for whatever that's worth they're only online so there's no chance of going into a physical branch and their interest rate is good but it's not,really the best ,

and that's what brings us to Second Lending Club yep you heard that correctly the company that used to offer peer-to-peer personal loans has now evolved into a bank and from what I could tell they actually seem pretty good of course full disclosure here but I've not tried them out myself but the reviews appear pretty promising and they could be a good Contender that's because they're currently offering a 4.25 interest rate on their savings account with no monthly fees and a minimum deposit of a hundred dollars they'll also give you a debit card that's linked directly to your account and they're not going to charge you any ATM fees instead they calculate the amount of ATM fees that you incurred during the month and automatically rebates back to your account now I will say as good as they seems sometimes ,

it's just not worth it to chase the highest yields when their competitors have the benefit to being around much longer with a proven track record although in this case they do seem like a promising company to keep in mind if you're looking for a slightly higher interest rate because we also have our number three wealth front now I want to make it clear that wealthfront has been a paid sponsor of this channel in the past but this time I have no Financial incentive free to sign up and I don't have any wealthfront affiliate links for you ,

I've just genuinely liked and used this company from before they even I am again talking about them  because I do think they offer a lot of great perks one of them is their online savings account which is currently paying 4.3 percent interest on all balances with no fees no minimums up to three million dollars of FDIC insurance through a sweep program with partner Banks and unlimited fee free transfers again I know it sounds a bit like an ad read but I get nothing from talking about them besides the satisfaction of hopefully introducing

you to a bank that pays you a bit more interest than what you're currently getting anyway as a wealthfront customer myself for many years I will say their account is great it's very easy to use their rates are very competitive and I enjoy their financial planning tools they also now have the option for you to be able to use your account to pay bills and they've got 19 000 fee-free ATMs in the event that you need cash to be honest , I don't really have that many complaints except the fact that they don't have any physical

branch locations which is pretty much the same as every other bank that we're talking about, but my assumption here is that they want to probably just offer you great banking services with the expectation that eventually you would invest with them and that's probably where they're making the bulk of their money although as far as their savings aspect is concerned I really have nothing but great things to say about them but if you want slightly higher interest you should check out CIT Bank not to be confused with Citibank anyway, 

with this Bank you'll get a few different options in terms of your interest rate ,the first , would be their savings connect account where you could earn four and a half percent interest with a hundred dollar minimum deposit , the second  would be their Platinum savings where he could begin earning 4.75 percent on balances above five thousand dollars all of this comes with no monthly maintenance fee no fees and quite a few services and they'll also reimburse you up to thirty dollars in third party ATM fees per statement so if you ever need cash it's not a problem on top of that they also offer some pretty competitive CD rates like right now you're able to lock in five percent for the next six months with a minimum deposit of a thousand dollars of course with this there are penalties if you take out your money sooner which is why,

they have a no penalty option that's currently paying 4.8 percent and this could be a great way for you to earn some extra cash for money that you have sitting on the sidelines although just remember that nothing is perfect and it's important to keep in mind that this bank has no physical branch locations which let's be real I don't know how many people physically go to the bank anymore or do something at the bank they can't do from their phone so it's a small price to pay for getting a much, 

 higher interest rate than a lot of the old school traditional Banks offer and finally if you want the most ridiculous off option from all of them you have redneck bank now I know I said earlier that we wouldn't be talking about small no-name Banks but with a name like redneck Bank we gotta talk about it and yes I'm not kidding that's the actual name I have no idea how they decided on it but it's Unique they even have a very realistic fly on their website that you could Chase around with your mouse which,

 makes this website such a Hidden Gem anyway they're currently paying a 4.8 interest rate within their checking account up to the first fifteen thousand dollars which is perfect for those who want to get as high of an interest rate as possible and don't have tens of thousands of dollars to spread around they also have pretty good reviews with the exception of the complaints of high overdraft fees but just don't do that beyond that though you do get to enjoy no monthly fees no minimums their FDIC insured and they're pretty popular for

those that know what it is although if you're not necessarily looking for a bank and all you want to do is earn as much interest as possible that does open up your options and one of those is a brand new product from Vanguard which currently pays a 4.25 percent interest rate yes I know it's lower than some of the other options but it's Vanguard they're practically the foundation of the entire investment industry and when they offer a free product with no minimum balances no fees and up to 250000 in FDIC insurance it's worth considering however keep in mind that this is currently in a pilot program so not everyone is able to get immediate access and since this is a cash account you can't really use it like a bank or get an ATM card but they have proven to be an extremely solid company and 4.25 interest is pretty good alternatively you can also check out their money market funds like vimfix or vox6 which pay between 4.7 to 4.8 percent with a minimum investment of three thousand dollars now the risk with money market funds like this is that in the event of a complete Financial apocalyptic collapse there's more than a non-zero chance that the money market fund could do what's called breaking the buck which is a really fancy way of saying your one dollar share might not be redeemable for the full one dollar if everyone cashes

out at the same time how bad has this gotten in the past you might ask well it's only ever happened two times before in history one occurred in 2008 when the fund held the now bankrupt Lehman Brothers in each one dollar share settled out for 99 cents and the other was a small institutional Fund in 1994 which paid back 94 cents for every one dollar invested basically the chance of this happening is incredibly rare and more protections have been put in place since then but it's not a hundred percent impossible and that's why you take a slightly higher risk for a slightly higher reward now Vanguard is not the only one who has these funds either Charles Schwab has Swit six which pays 4.69 percent Fidelity is Spritz which pays 4.65 percent or you could just Google search your brokerage and money market fund because most likely they'll pay slightly more than you could get in a savings account on top of that you also have the option of treasuries which currently are paying between four and five percent depending on the term the downside though is that you'll have

to lock up your money to get the full benefit but if you don't mind doing that you could end up making substantially more than going with any other bank overall My Hope with all of this is that this article would be able to point you in the right direction to begin doing some more research and since savings accounts are finally beginning to pay you a respectable amount of Interest now is the time to make sure you're optimizing it to make as much money as possible so with that said you guys thank you so much for watching as always feel free to add me on twiter thank you so much and until next time...

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