BRICS just did the UNTHINKABLE to the U.S. economy


So today we learned that the brics Nations led by Russia Brazil China India South Africa will in this calendar year 2023 surpass the G7 Nations for economic growth now do without what you want you can be positive or negative about it you can think that's the Doom and Gloom worst news in the world or you can say that well there's positive news here especially if a maybe I'm a smart investor I figure things out for my family where where to invest or put my money in the future what horses do I want to get behind for the future so this is according to Bloomberg today according to Bloomberg based on the latest IMF data ,the brics countries will contribute 32.1 percent of the world's growth compared to the g7s 29 percent, this is astonishing when you think about the amount Russia is the most sanctioned country in world history right now they're managing along with Brazil China also under intense Western pressure to surpass Western governments the United States US.

dollar for Global output and economic economic growth, it's astonishing, and Brazil as well South Africa India which today was announced as now the world's most populous nation beating China ,

I mean if people don't understand like what what world shifting moment we're in right now like you'll be able to tell your

kids you were alive during 2023 when you saw these things shifting this is a teachable moment for our kids our families to be able to to literally watch Western hegemony start to decline and the rise of this new world order this multi-polar order rather than being driven by just what the U.S dictates and how things will will go in the future uh it's pretty remarkable to see this in the share of economic growth, let's just take a closer look at this Bloomberg piece um and according to the Group of Seven Nations so the U.S UK Canada France Germany Italy and Japan has long been considered the most advanced economic block of countries on the planet Russia was a member of course until until 2014. 

when it was expelled due to the Fallout from the western western back might on coup in Ukraine the report indicated that in 2020 the contributions from brics countries and the G7 to global economic growth were equal since then the performance of the western-led Bloc has been ,declining by 2028 the g7's contribution,

world economy is predicted to decrease to 27.8 percent while bricks will account for 35 percent in total 75 percent of global growth is expected to be concentrated in 20 countries over the ha over and over half in the top four China India,  the United States and Indonesia while the group of seven countries will comprise a smaller share Germany Japan United States United Kingdom France among the top seen among the top 10 contributors and the Russian foreign minister Sergey lavrov said that no more than a dozen Nations have expressed interest in joining brics ,

we've already talked about Mexico Mexico wants to join can you imagine what a slap in the face that is to the United States it's like we still would we still be in charge of their energy policy if they do that I don't know we are right now at that point , we'd love to tell I wonder seriously given NAFTA right what does that mean if they join bricks like what what does that mean for an afta if they join bricks I mean we already are there heavily meddling in what they do with their energy policy right now so I don't know Argentina does that that that does that give us de facto like if if with through NAFTA if Mexico joins bricks that should give us de facto uh influence over Russia then right right I guess so did they become part of the it means everybody joins NAFTA hooray ,yeah ,so then Russia becomes part of NAFTA Saudi Arabia wants to become a member you imagine Saudi Arabia and Bricks already the oil outflows to China the oil contracts increasing tremendously um and away from the United States again

 the guys the writing is on the wall here this is not to scare you it's to prepare you especially if you're in the West and you see like if you've got your family's currency you've got your family's future tied to the Euro or the US dollar is like where you put and bet on your family's future think differently about it um and just think differently about what this means for Global power Global hegemony think differently too about you know how your family travels or what sort of protections you have in

 place you know everyone's like I just want to get a U.S passport we'll think in sort of like terms of like Andrew Henderson writes and talks about a nomad capitalist like thinking about having like go where you're treated best right as a human ,go where you're treated best and don't maybe having access to multiple ports of call access to multiple citizenships where does business investment make the most sense for you you know it's a it's a big world out there and guess what the United States,

is not the be all end-all so think differently about things when it comes to these things also another big story if I can get my notes up here, the bank of England says that cash will now become less usable and get ready for a cashless Society ,so the bank of England the Boe now saying that we will become the cash will become less usable and we're going to be moving towards we're going to be moving towards a cashless society says the bank of England cash is to become less usable as Shoppers embrace the internet and High,

Street stores increasingly reject banknotes, so these stores are now saying we're done with banknotes we're done with uh we're done with coins we really just want to deal with just go cashless ,Sir John cunliff says that it will become harder to spend physical money in coming years owing to the rise of online shopping and contactless payments so and maybe the way to go the way away from this I've heard a number of people saying is to let's let's all let's all stop online shopping, could you do that could we could you?

 live without online shopping just tell me in the chat honestly if they said okay tomorrow Amazon no more Amazon do not use Amazon anymore boycott Amazon like how many of you already boycott Amazon let me know in the chat and you see it expanding now into the Middle East Amazon like to show I just it just popped up now just now rolled out in Egypt so now there's Amazon know.

eg I think if that's the I think anyway uh so yeah now there's Amazon Egypt like it's coming everywhere driving stores out of business could you live without it a lot of people here in the chat saying yes yes yes but then a lot of people say no no no no no I couldn't other people saying no I know I could never shop there yeah it'll be a challenge for me yeah it would be a challenge for a lot of people right um but I know I could I mean I did it for a long time I mean there's still you know we really should be shopping at places like Best Buy and stuff like that to to kind of split that you know offset that but so we could it would just be hard because they deliver everything they deliver uh prescriptions now food you know my dog food my heartworm medicine comes from there now, yeah ,well and yeah this is the convenience factor right so it's contactless you don't ever have to see the cash change hands at all right just it's it's part of a digital account you're never it's not like you're counting out ones you know so,

The Delivery Man shows up at your door like the it used to be back in the day when the Milkman would come to your door you'd pay him and you know pay him in dollars right cash well and you can ship stuff Cod remember that ,yeah ,I remember,  I had a paper route growing up and I have to go I had to go around and get my you know monthly or whatever I had to go and get my payments for it so I had to go around and knock on the doors and hope that people were home a lot of times they weren't I think I would go on a Saturday um and I had to keep going and keep going and keep going because not everyone was home and I'd have to say I uh him you're a paper boy I'm here to get you know my collection and they'd pay me in cash for it you know ,so it was like a cash very often was Cash business for the whole the whole setup it's like it's crazy how difficult how different it is now just they they sign up online with their subscription there's no there's none of that so he says we now cash is likely to decline further cash itself will become less usable in everyday transactions for example if the internet Commerce grows and if Merchants increasingly accept only digital payments yeah it's going to continue card payments took over cash as the most dominant form of payment for retail back in 2016. it's hard to believe it was even that long took that long until 2016.

by 2021 85 percent of payments are now made electronically that's 2021. I have to imagine almost all of these payments are going to be you know like 99 of them will be there very very soon so cash is disappearing um and very concerning for what this means for people who you know want to have tangible assets like gold silver things to you know be able to protect their families taking out large amounts of cash in order to have on hand for transactions I'm a big advocate of this but the problem is if people won't accept cash

what are you going to do if to me it almost sounds illegal what do you mean you can't accept the currency of your country you're a business what are you talking about I want to buy your thing you're not accepting the currency of the country where you would pay taxes ,I don't understand that how is that possible don't you have to under the law accept a form of legal tender that is provided by the government you can only accept digital versions of that now it's insane but we knew this is we knew, this was coming .

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