Trump made almost $8M US while president!!!!

In Washington, House Democrats have released documents that indicate how much money Donald Trump's businesses received from foreign entities while he was president.

In a report titled White House for Sale, they say at least 20 foreign governments paid his companies almost $8 million.

how princes, prime ministers and premiers paid off President Trump.

And it basically accuses him of taking money from foreign governments through his businesses that he continued to retain while in office.

And this, House, Democrats say, is a blatant violation of the US constitution, particularly because Trump did not seek congressional approval for what he did.

This is a 150 page report.Democrats said it took years to put it together, including some pretty aggressive litigation to get the documents from Trump's accountants, Mazars Corporation, because Trump wouldn't give up the documents himself.

Let me go through some of the highlights. According to the report, payments were made by 20 differentcountries to at least four Trump businesses, including $5.5 million from China and $615,000 from Saudi Arabia, paid to Trump's luxury hotels.

The report opens with a scathing letter from the ranking Democrat on the committee. 

He says the report's detailed findings make clear that we don't have the laws in place to deal with a president who is willing to brazenly convert the presidency into a business for self enrichment and wealth maximization with the collusive participation of foreign states.

No other president had ever come close to trying a ripoff like this.

And Raskin adds that Trump's offenses were made even more striking because of his continued proclamation during his presidency and his campaigns of America first. So it sounds pretty damning. 

So what are the next steps looking like?

Well, the report alludes to the fact that more names and payments could be revealed as their investigation continues.

What's next, though, might not be new.

More wrangling, more division, more polarization in Congress.

This is just another episode in the drama that happens in the halls of the Capitol every day.

Remember, you've got a looming government funding deadline, and on top of that, you have House Republicans suing their own case against President Biden and his son, Hunter Biden, and his business dealings and alleged influence peddling.

House Democrats in this report, however, are urging Congress for some legislative reforms to prevent future presidents from committing the same kind of conflicts of interests that they list in the report.

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