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 Welcome to another article of good morning crypto only here on an iPhone Tech today as you know we woke up to this Insanity where Bitcoin is pushing 30k Bitcoin has no mercy for the bears are absolutely wrecked we do see this very nice Parabola the parabola is holding we're right now pumping probably our next stop is going to be 35. I don't expect Bitcoin to relax here for too long because we just broke a massive resistance this was a month-long resistance right here it was crazy we did not move at all and right now we do see this move to the upside obviously the week has to close we're

 still we're still five days away from the weekly close but even if you go to the Daily yesterday we did close the daily very nicely I mean this is perfect daily habits it was so nice and it was already breaking out so on a daily it looks very nice because we do actually have daily close on the weekly

 though this would be the highest confident signal if we can close the weekly around these levels because listen Bitcoin is not here to chill around Bitcoin is not here to give you another chance if you're a baron watching and you know that when we were bullish on bitcoin for the past months I mean ever since 17K 18K 20K you know we were buying all the time there I was telling its cheap if Bitcoin starts with a one it's cheap if it's 1817 it's cheap it doesn't matter what it is if it starts with the one it's cheap if it starts with the two it's also cheap we've been saying that for a long, long time don't think too much don't be afraid if we're gonna fall from 27 to 25 why are you suffering don't be afraid it's cheap it's still 20. It's still 20 it's going to 100K is the same thing if is it starts with one it is cheap if whether it's 1900 or 1500 it's all details in reality that's why DCA works so nicely because you never miss the big moves you got a DCA so you're building You're Building positions in these assets and what do we have now Bitcoin right now is a 30k and still it is cheap even when bitten starts with the 3 31 32 35 it is still cheap why because if you just zoom out and you look at the previous all um homing and previous

some previous uh performance in Bitcoin and you see how the current halving will evolve and what happens if we have the same performance this is what this chart says what happens if this bobbing cycle that we will have soon is going to do the same price performance as the last Cycles so listen if the history continues if the history repeats if we see the same performance as 2012 we're looking at 200k Bitcoin if we do see the same performance of 2016 we're looking at 105k Bitcoin and this is something that most people don't realize loving is in the year until the halving we can still go to 60k 50k but the big part of the bull market will happen after the jobbing approximately a year after the humming 

(03:07) it is look here uh we do have the plan basically step by step laid out right here until next year until March April next year when the having happens we expect a sideways move but sideways it's not really sideways it means that basically we go to 60 we go to 70 maybe we get a pullback and we just hang around in this range now this would not be nice but you get the point it's basically that we are from the lows to the all-time highs here and we're ranging but after the halving that's when we probably will see this crazy returns and here is where it's time to take profit around these levels it's time to take profit approximately in 2025.

Also sharing a lot of Trades online so definitely follow them on Twitter if you want to learn and learn the tool yourself it's very, very important but right now we're at 30k and as promised we're bumping the price also on that note let's go to the overall Market and see what's happening because uh right now we mainly see Bitcoin we mainly see Bitcoin but you have to remember the Bitcoin dominance at some point will decrease the Bitcoin dominance at some point will start trending down and whenever that happens that is when you have to be ready with all kinds that's when true life-changing events will happen when you can be part of Atkins early but anyway let's go into the overall Market we do see the following situation Bitcoin plus 6.2 percent it's insane it's insane and Bitcoin right now is really leasing leading the whole Market ETH 3.3 very cheap at 1900 in my mind at least looking at the BNB plus 5.1 ARP 4 all in all the market is bullish obviously Bitcoin is outperforming many odds and that's how it normally is Bitcoin leads the market then Bitcoins fine Bitcoin Finance consolidation and then all can sketch up and the whole Market catches up but right now Bitcoin is definitely in the drivers driver seat reduce the render 19 very nice conflicts.

 Inflation have you seen recession have you seen all of that we've been hearing that for so long and most people still today cannot comprehend like it doesn't really fit in their brain how Bitcoin can pump it's completely unbelievable for many people and I do get it 100 by the way because this situation is very different right now on the macro level it's very different on all kinds of levels and most people who are right now on the sidelines and hoping for Bitcoin to go back which by the way it Bitcoin rarely does come back and let you get in it may come back a bit but it never comes back and basically it turns back the bus it the boat doesn't come back into the port to let everyone on board now it may still dump and return a bit but this is important not to be too greedy whenever Bitcoin does pull back it's a very good sign to deploy more if you are bullish on bitcoin overall but I know some people will be waiting until Bitcoin goes back to like 19k because they missed that breakout or 20K but anyway so most people cannot really comprehend why is it so that business is pumping so well performing so well although we have a different macro environment that's the big question 

I want to get back to and the reason is that Bitcoin just has its own Cycles I think this is the proof that Bitcoin is uncorrelated sometimes it's correlated sometimes it's uncorrelated but if you zoom out and you look on the big picture it doesn't correlated because Bitcoin has its four-year cycle it's following it Like A Clockwork right now at least and for the past 10 years it's been following it Like A Clockwork now will it continue in the future let's see but many people get too confused when they see okay for this year last two years NASDAQ and Bitcoin are correlating but it's not because they're really correlating it's because Bitcoin is in the cycle its own cycle and NASDAQ is in its own cycle and at that particular time they are trending in the same direction but then as macro changes you see Bitcoin just continues with the cycle Bitcoin doesn't really care about macro Bitcoin took one year from the peak to the bottom just...


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