"USA Collapse Will Be Far WORSE Than You Think..." — Robert Kiyosaki's Last WARNING

 "USA Collapse Will Be Far WORSE Than You Think...

Marcus went up and Mark has come down it's coming down then we're going into depression and then we go into Revolution and that was the first time I saw history of what I was taught at the Academy in real life I went oh my god let's talk about Marx Lennon miles Stalin Hitler is true Marx had one thing he's the most abolition of private property in other words we could own nothing and as a capitalist that kind of upsets me a bit you know so they want to take all of our private property away and it would then go to the state and that's why when you study communism and Marxism it's a centralized economy in military terms it's called command and control with the military school so it's a command and controlled economy where the government tells you everything so that's why the Federal Reserve Bank is part of communist thing it's a central bank and the central bank is not American it's not a bank and there's no reserves in it and it's the FED today is a third Central Bank and in history since Jefferson and those guys there kept saying we cannot have central banks but because our academic system is basically Marxist you know most School teachers are Marxists they just don't know it because they didn't study marks like I did I'm a capitalist I just I don't have a job I don't have a paycheck it's so opposite because that was my Rich Dad teaching me and my poor dad said get a safe secure job so that mindsets are completely opposite I hate to say that if you study a Marx London and Stalin Hitler and Mao the central

bank is a Marx and Lennon said if you want to destroy the economy you want to destroy capitalism you botched the currency so in 1971 just before I went to Vietnam Nixon took the dollar off the gold standard but they don't teach you that you see our system is communist and I hate to say that because I'm a went to Vietnam twice I fought for this country went to military school like I said my family were locked in internment camps all you Communists out there check this stuff out I am a billionaire in debt you know why because I get tax breaks for borrowing money and the reason I am so rich is that I'm in debt and my friend Dave Ramsey says live debt free I'm going well you're an idiot I mean it's my friend but I say Dave I liked it he says I know, but most people can't handle debt I said I agree, but that's why there's no Financial education in schools because if you knew how to handle debt you wouldn't save that crappy dollar you have in your hand I'd rather borrow the money tax-free I have to invest it to make more money everybody thinks it's real estate stocks you know when I talk to most idiots out there they go oh I have a 401k like a well you've been sold to build a good sweetheart I the government sponsors is 401K said

now the fellow reserve and Wall Street sponsors it if you study history in 1974 it was an act called the Alissa act Employee Retirement income Security Act that led to a thing called the 401K and that was a 1974 just after Nixon took the dollar off the gold standard and then the economy could boom through the stock market so a guy owning stocks no because I'm not a communist I am a capitalist I don't have to buy stocks I invent my own that's what capitalists do the more money I borrow the less tax I pay so what happens so let's say let's say on a commercial building and buy it for a million dollars goes up to 10 A million dollars most guys would sell it the moment you sell them let's say a basis of 1 million to a basis of 10. I have a 9 million dollar capital gains so instead of selling it flipping it like those flippers do I don't flip I don't sell see the moment you sell as you know as an attorney you've now executed a capital event a taxable that so what I do let's say I buy a property for a million it goes to 10 million dollars I'll borrow out five tax-free it's not crash we're on a depression right now A recession is two quarters of declining growth, but a depression is suboptimal growth so you could have let's say you

GDP should be four percent which are operating at two percent as a depression people don't know history is that what happened on September 17, 2019, there was a crash in the repo Market the average president has no idea what the repo Market was that what happened in 2021 there was so they pumped up the last Time there was a crash in the repo Market was 2008. So I'm sitting here in 2019 September 17th my God the repo Market crashed and then a few months later covet appears I'm like oh my God here it is repo Market is I call it the pawn shop it's where people go in there and they what happened at the repo

Market is the Fed starts pumping money into the commercial Banks like America I mean a Bank of America and those guys Wells Fargo so they started pumping money into the banks because the banks are empty that's what happened uh when Lehman Brothers went down it didn't have enough cash but it's not even goes into the economy it stays within the banking system so what happens in a reverse repo so 2008 was a repo 2019 was a repo that what happened in 2021 was a reverse repo the money started coming out of Banks and going back to the FED now the average guy what does that mean it means that the commercial Banks don't trust their assets are questionable there's a valuation you know valuations and opinion you know this house is worth 10 million dollars, but that's an opinion so they started wondering what was the true valuation of our so-called assets, so the money started coming out of special Banks like Bank of America and Wells Fargo log back into the FED because they'd rather have it at the FED than in the marketplace my friends are billionaires that's what we talk about the average person has no idea what we're talking about we have to watch the flows of cash I'll bet you a million dollars you ask a hundred people but the repo Market is you'd be lucky at 50 know what it means that's not a mistake it's not an indictment against that it's indictments as a school system it's criminal I mean the only reason they gave the CEOs all that money is so they could repurchase their stocks so let's say I'm IBM or Ford you give me a million dollars ,

okay so I borrow 5 a million from the forage treasure I buy six million dollars of my stock it checks the stock price up so mommy and daddy with their 401K ah the Ford Motor Company went up and right it's all floating on debt, let me just say this much Marcus go up and Marcus come down it's coming down then we're going into depression and then we're going to Revolution depression is when more jobs are lost and they're going to print more money it's just as they did to prevent uh when Touché you know fascist Fauci shut down the U.S. economy the whole world economy shut down how can they pay people not to work America is now the largest Other Nation in history student loan debt is out of sight consumer loan debt is at a site stock market is all based upon debt the debt to GDP ratio okay was really simple and debt the GDP hits 90 so we have 90 percent debt to GDP that's pretty optimal that means every dollar you borrow when it's 90 the economy Grows by 10 so the ten to one I mean a 10 ratio the day of the jet the GDP ratio is 140 percent they cannot add any more money to if it's not going to grow that's what it means so it's like a guy who has a house that's in you know he kept refinancing his house and he loses his job you can't borrow anymore ,

So That's what happens when the debt the GDP went press 921 not 90 dead the GDP it adds 140 percent or bankrupt well the average guy has no clue what I just said to you, we're already finished call server Bitcoin bullets only reason I buy Bitcoin because I don't trust my government I don't trust the Federal Reserve Bank I don't trust the treasury I don't trust basement Biden and I don't trust the stock market now if you trust all four of them have a good life I have goals over Bitcoin, so Bitcoin is a bet against the government I'll say this one more time if you study Marx a central bank is essential to Communism that's the fed That's the third Central Bank we've had, it came into existence in 1913. In 1913 the Fed was created, so was the tax department in 1913. 

Oh, coincidence the average guy has no idea that happened one more quick story but quickly I hang out with a friend who's a billionaire I mean most of my friends are billionaires close friends you know no but we're billionaires because of debt we didn't sit there and save our pennies so anyway we said well is there a crash coming so I don't know we're looking for a sign from God and so right after I kind of lifted all the things on covet we walked into this restaurant right down the street here in Scottsdale and everybody was dressed in evening gowns you know and he looked at me and I looked at him and said the crash is coming 

I said when you have all these old guys like me and their wives dressing evening gowns you know the end is near we call it the evening gown theory of economics everybody knows just before every crash people are the happiest and then they get really depressed and that's when the capitalists get rich because everything goes on sale and so everything's opposite there's always the three sides to every coin heads tails in the edge of the coin and I stand on the edge as everyone's boom in bust and all this but anyway everything is opposite there's always three sides to a coin heads tails and Edge and intelligence is found to itch and trouble with opinion is you have to take a side so Americans would not support us in Vietnam our own media betrayed the troops on the ground you think the media still lies to people Of course remarks they're run by China 

I mean how can we have two national anthems today that was Marx he was a racist if you just study history but our school system they only report one side so when I come taxing back in 1973. Coming back one year in Vietnam and I get spit on hit by hags my own baby boomers friends I come home I get spit on at school in Hawaii and all this they turned the media turned against us the soldiers the Marines the sailors the women the men it was horrible and they don't understand that socialists kill the most people in history we just went to defend it

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