The Fed's Plan to End Money ????


 The good news and bad news about money, or whatever is money today, because we don't know what it is anymore and it's a very, very important shows I think all of our shows are important but there's a lot of rumor about the FED coin and cbdc Central Bank digital currency that's also Bitcoin and now fed.

So the question is what is money? And what does it mean? And anytime there's a big change? There's always the rumor goes up and you know speculation and panic and all this and for good reason. You know throughout history who can who controls the money controls the world and since 1944.

 America has controlled the money with the US dollar being the reserve currency of the world which caused America to Boom, but it also caused many problems, and when we lose our Reserve currency status which started in 1944, the question is what happens after that ?

 Scottsdale Arizona and he was talking about the inversion of yield curves which given my real estate brain I'm still having a hard time figuring out but people were just blown away with the inversion of yield curves because yield curves like reading the tiles yeah you know you can tell what's coming next, and cbdc's and Bitcoin and crypto and all this what does it mean to the average mom and pop out there what's going to happen well I think the first thing people need to realize is uh just going back to what you're saying about Bretton Woods when uh you stated that the United States was then in control of the money to a certain degree that's true but now I would argue it's more so the banks the banks control the money uh and more specifically the banks outside of the United States that's Jeff Snyder it's called the euro dollar in the Euro Yen the Euro peso and a show yeah the shadow banking system doesn't call them Banks he claims the banksters yeah that's a good that's a good term .

but the reason I I start with that is so people realize that 95 of the dollars in the world were created by lending them into existence, so most people have this idea that dollars are just kind of a green piece of paper and you take your green pieces of paper that you digitally get with your paycheck and deposit it at the bank and then the bank kind of puts that in a vault and still stores it for you until you need it but what they need to understand is again 95 of those dollars were not green pieces of paper they were lent into existence by a bank extending credit and ,therefore those dollars are a liability of a bank. 

So ,if your listeners have an account with Wells Fargo or chase B of A something like that then and what the depositors found out very quickly with Silicon Valley Bank by the way is that those dollars which they considered assets you got a hundred thousand dollars in your account that's your asset ,but that was a liability of a bank they weren't putting it in a vault they were actually taking your money and they were lending it out and you just had to trust that that bank was going to pay you back, so I I why I want to start there is because I have really been pounding the table that the thing people should really be worried about as far as the Central Bank digital currency isn't necessarily A competing currency to the dollar it's not necessarily A fed coin or the you know Janet Yellen coming out and saying okay now we're going to start using this cbdc so whether you guys like it or not we're just going to force you.

 guys to use this and ban cash but what a cbdc really is when you look at the mechanics and the financial Plumbing it's just the individual taking their account that they now have with Wells Fargo that's a liability of Wells Fargo and simply moving it to the Federal Reserve this is what we really need to push back against assuming uh that you value Freedom Liberty free market capitalism and especially your privacy because all those or well million things that we have heard of that we don't want to come to fruition those cannot happen unless your dollars are on the fed's balance sheet or said another way that,

your dollars are a liability of the Federal Reserve that your bank goes from being Wells Fargo to Jerome Powell and the fomc and fortunately the good news is that it's currently illegal the FED admits that it is illegal for them to have an account or an individual in the real economy so as long as we make sure that they don't change that law; and they don't break that law, it's going to be very difficult if not impossible for them to implement what is really a central bank digital currency and there's a couple other components that would be necessary but I'll just stop right there ,yeah yeah because you've gone over the head of most people right including mine ,I like pictures like what you have here is what's going on you have here ,this is your savings yes your asset, so you have a million dollars a hundred thousand that's your asset but the moment you put it in the bank it becomes the bank's liability right, yeah I'm just looking at paper exactly right.

the banks have to then take your money and they have to buy another type of asset to make sure they can pay you the interest on your savings here and what happened with uh Silicon Valley Bank ,what they bought put their money into is all these debts and all these things and the the bank's asses went bad and that's. when the runs of the banks start people want their savings back ,that's correct and that's what we're in serious serious trouble right now and then when you talk about orwellian George Orwell wrote 1984 and what 1984 is big brother is watching and the big concern with fed now or you know the bit fed coin you know the Central Bank digital currency cbdc is that we lose our privacy that they'll track US I'll track every move because they'll know everything we're spending money on what we spend it on who we give it to and all this so it becomes George Orwell's 1984. big brother will watch you via our money and that's the problem with Central Bank.

 cbdc Central Bank digital currency or the FED coin ,yeah that's one of the many problems , it's but but people like me panic I said oh my God they're going to track me, I don't want them to know what I'm spending my money it's none of their business but now with you know blockchain and all this they can track anything they want; so our privacy goes and that's why it's when George Gavin says orwellian he's talking about 1984 Big Brother's gonna watch you that's where I did yeah and it just goes back to that uh common phrase that we heard so much during 2020 and 2021 that uh people often in a crisis situation are willing to sacrifice their freedom or the perception of Safety and Security ,and so you were talking about hold on a perception of freedom and security that's a very important word yeah because as we're talking as we're talking today ,people are finally waking up to what Gerald Celente says the banks what bank is safe right now and we have things like the FDIC Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation that's supposed to protect you up to 250 000 so if you have 250 000 of your savings supposedly the FDIC will protect you but what happened was uh Silicon Valley Bank it was in the billions over here ,and that's when Jerome Powell the fed and FDIC got together and said we have to bail these guys out yeah and that's called the moral hazard there the moral hazard is that's the end of capitalism you know how do you bail out the rich and a lot of those Rich guys are the Silicon Valley guys that took down Trump in my opinion I can't prove that but this whole thing is the scientific

term is one big F and mess ,yeah and you can see that oh go ahead but the trust has gone out but but that's the opportunity for the central planners and the authoritarians  right you see you have this banking crisis when George says special planners he's talking about Marxism um Central Bank and that's what you know our founding. Fathers that was Thomas Jefferson he says you've got to stay away from that one because you know if if we go to a central bank, he said our children would wake up homeless and look at homelessness today is going through the roof is Eggman this stuff has been going on since the 1700s and that's what George was talking about is now happening now and everybody can sort of see it and that's why the FDIC are panicking because if you have like 250 thousand dollars, you'll save a million dollars does that mean you only get 750 000 back if you lose everything or is the FDIC the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation going to bail out your million dollars too and that's the uncertainty because money is confidence and our confidence is gone today, yeah very well said and I'd like to point out that the FDIC they don't have that much in their coffers ,let's say they've got at the most 200 billion probably a lot less now a Silicon Valley Bank and signature but let's keep in mind for the for followers that there's over there's roughly 18 trillion dollars in deposits in the United States so that math doesn't work when FDIC only has 200 billion and George can we step back to Jeff Schneider he talks about the euro dollar the Euro dollars means
European dollar it's dollars outside of America which are then creating more money outside of America right, there's trillions of Euro dollars as well as US Dollars this thing's a big mess it's like the Big House of Cards is set to come down yeah and again that's my concern that the the central planners the marxists if.
you will are going to leverage that crisis situation you know their motto is you never let a good crisis go to waste correct so if if we continue to see problems in the banking system that exceed the fdic's ability to patch up the holes then of course they come in on their on their white horse saying well
 we've got the solution, all you have to do is take your dollars from these unsafe commercial Banks and just move them to the safest Bank in the world which is the Federal Reserve which is the central bank and people see that as oh that little bit that perceived security and safety they give up their freedom but what they don't realize is they're doing a deal with the Devil I went to military school we don't say it so politely it says tend to bend over and pick up the Soapy you don't know where it's gonna come from anymore right right because the cash is trash right now you know and Rich Dad Poor to say Savers or losers the rich don't work for money and all these things and we had this big three-day here in Scottsdale and we're talking about how the entrepreneurs like me I stay out of paper anything that's printed so you know took a company public I owned the paper I mean the IPO produces the shares but I own the shares I don't want to buy somebody else's shares with somebody
else's company because that's what another term is called counterparty risk you know it's it's in the it's in control of somebody else not me it kind of bugs me so uh when George went up charged with that there were three day and he went into inverse yield curves couple of Minds shifted gears what the
hell are you talking about and George very simply says we're heading we're into it right now, it's not tomorrow it's not maybe it's right now so I remember that that's right what what was George saying he says well I I use the the example of a tsunami ,yeah I think that's it paints a perfect mental picture for people , because we know that a tsunami when it's way out at Sea although you have this powerful force that's coming at land at say 100 200 miles per hour you can't see it yeah they could go right under a boat and you know they wouldn't even know but what happens are there are these detection buoys that advanced countries.

have they're you know 100 miles out off of shore let's just say and that detection buoy can feel that for it can sense that Force coming toward the shore and so then it sends a signal up to a satellite and that satellite signals the the scientists that are on the shore to go ahead and warn the general public.
well they don't know exactly when it's going to hit they don't know where it's going to hit or how it's going to play out but they just know this thing is headed at you at 100 miles per hour that is basically what the yield curve does for us okay so what we're saying ladies and gentlemen it's here and you know and George said it aptly at our three days he says the crack in the foundation is now showing crack is shown in how fake this whole system is this whole monetary system that just creates money out of nothing and they when America started paying its bills just by creating money out of nothing, it's going to come back and right now,

 and that's what uh Andy schechner is talking about the brics Nations Brazil Russia into China South Africa Saudi Arabia Mexico Japan possibly uh New Mexico I mean uh New Zealand and Australia the American Empires going down and that means the dollar is possibly going down so ladies and gentlemen that's why what George is saying is crucial and my job is to keep it as simple as possible but the thing when when George says orwellian they're talking about 1984.
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 if you're concerned about high inflation looming recession a stock market correction or out of control spending in Washington this is an important message
to hear because the fact is during every major crisis in U.S history many of those who fail to prepare watch their savings Investments or retirement funds go down while many with the foresight to own gold helped preserve their purchasing power gold even made some folks richer now we're facing several major crises at once and experts say we may soon face even more economic trouble so please don't wait learn the simple way you can diversify with gold and put yourself on the road to financial peace of mind even in uncertain times !show the good news and bad news about money and this looks like all bad news but it's good news if you know what's coming and uh something big is on its way and let me show you a really simple picture by now everybody's heard of Silicon Valley Bank as Silicon Valley svb and FTX and all those other characters running around out there I just call it stupid Valley Bank that's the easiest way to remember it and I I I I also call it foolish gold and foolish silver and all that other stuff and you know all these uh REITs real estate
 investment trusts just foolish to me I won't touch that stuff because it's all fake it's all fake but anyway this is kind of the sort of our problems here one more time so you save money and you put it in the bank but your money is your asset but it becomes the bank's liability this reminds you of that and
 what happened was when you then the banks have to buy something the banksters they have to buy something to cover the interest they're paying you here and so they bought all these t-bills and this and that and all this crap I thought and then all of a sudden people realized the bank couldn't cover it all and
 that's when the the Savers start running back to the bank giving my savings back and that was what the FDIC Federal Deposit Insurance corporations for to make sure that they would give you money back but these Banks had created so many fake assets out here they couldn't cover it and so that's when Janet Yellen who's ahead of the treasury also she used to be ahead of the Fed and um the FED says we'll guarantee all these loans in other words the fed and the Federal Reserve Bank which is not really a bank and the U.S treasury says we'll back up anybody right now ,

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