Crypt only here on financeanalys , today we'll be covering the fact that China is replacing the US Dollar on all fronts and right now we do have Trump focusing a lot on this in his latest interview, just hear this hear this and listen for yourself China wants to change the standard the currency standard ,and if that happens that's like losing a World War ,we'll be a second tier country we'll literally be a second tier country if that happens now ,you're losing Brazil you're losing Colombia South America you're losing uh Iran you've lost it you've lost Russia and if you haven't lost them yet you're

going to lose them China's on the one so China's gone then you see France going over North what's going on we're losing if we lose our currency that's the equivalent of losing a World War listen this is exactly what we're speaking about on this channel for the past weeks you remember now if this coming to the mainstream it started already on Friday when we did see the former Chief of Treasury coming out and saying that the world right now is moving away from the dollar into this multipolar position this is something we've been covering for a few weeks and now we do see Trump coming out and highlighting this as well and it is very true if the US dollar loses its position as the reserve currency the us will lose a massive Advantage because as you know when the U.S dollar is getting printed the whole world is getting the inflation effect not only the us if some small country brings their currency they feel all of

the inflation effect because no one else is really using their currency but the US can print and then the whole world is getting inflated and this is a massive Advantage where you can basically export inflation this is coming to an end and this is coming to an end in a way that is faster than ever you do see France like he mentioned going macron went to China announced all kinds of deals and said that France is better be more independent from the US really the whole EU or Brazil the same you remember Brazil with the new with the new government with Lula coming out and saying that the times are changing and we need to be trading with the East more and this is going so quickly and it feels that the U.S Administration don't really have a lot of time to react this these things when they happen they happen as you know it's all about slowly then suddenly whenever you're looking for wealth it's very slow in the beginning but then suddenly you find it.

for example in crypto it happens a lot people are in crypto for years and then suddenly they find the momentum they find the success the same with Bitcoin it's very slow in the beginning then suddenly bam it's 1K 10K 20K 70k it's very very very sudden and the same thing is in the other direction let's say you have  inflation is very low very very manageable but then suddenly it goes through the roof just look at the Weimar Republic inflation how it was all perfectly fine until it wasn't until it's hyperinflated to death this is exactly what we're witnessing right now in real time it's really historic timesright now that's really that we're going through and we do see this from all different directions you remember we mentioned Hillary Clinton coming and saying that Crypt is destabilizing currencies and Nations this is the video for all of you who missed just listen to this listen to this and then one more area that I hope nation states start paying greater attention to is the rise of cryptocurrency because what looks like a very interesting and somewhat exotic uh effort to uh literally mine uh new coins in order to trade with them has the potential for undermining uh currencies for undermining the uh role

 of the dollar as the reserve currency for destabilizing Nations perhaps starting with small ones but going much larger so when we think about and this is crazy guys this is crazy because just remember that a few years ago all of these people were saying that crypto is so small it's not serious it's not gonna go anywhere it's computer game money it will never work and right now they literally are saying that hey there are coming for the dollar guys the Chinese are coming for the dollar crypto is coming for the dollar and the only way for us to truly stay independent is to have Bitcoin gas is to have crypto is to have it that's why I keep repeating this because this is the biggest story that most people are not understanding fully the biggest story right now is that the world is becoming multipolar we're gonna we're gonna go deeper into this we're gonna look at alls because all right now are posed to do a very nice plus 50 move

we're going to be discussing that we're going to be discussing the new altcoin that the IMF is creating ,I mean we call it alkan it's not really an alkan but basically we do have a new Global Currency being revealed we do have all kinds of updates when it comes to the SEC right now we do see Warren Davidson ,who is right now a congressman saying that he wants to fire Gary gansler Henry instead replace him with a committee and have the executive director report to this board or committee and instead of having just the head of the SEC like he is right now and really abusing his power he wants to restructure the whole thing we have.

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