Elon Musk tells Tucker this trajectory is ‘depressing as hell’ -


 Elon Musk has spent a lot of his life thinking about space and he's got the world's biggest rocket company ,so we asked him have you ever seen anything out there that suggests alien life and by the way how do you think life on this planet is going Elon Musk has been one of the rare voices to raise the alarm about lower birth rates he's doing something about it personally he thinks the rest of us should too here's this part of the conversation , people sometimes take the fact that like we're here on Earth for granted you know

and that this Consciousness is just a normal thing that happens but to the best of my knowledge we see no evidence of uh conscious uh life anywhere uh anywhere in the universe ,so it might be there um you know physics of course sort of the Fermi Paradox after Enrico film, it was amazing physicist uh asks a fundamental question what are the aliens yeah um a lot of people ask me you know um where are the aliens and I I think if if anyone would know about aliens on Earth it would probably be me I would think yeah I'm like you know very

familiar with space stuff um and I've seen no evidence of aliens ,so I would I would immediately tweet you know tweet it out this is Split Second and be like that'll be like well old time probably a tough tweet of all time ,I found one guys Mr jackpot 8 billion likes you know um Next Level jackpot if you find that aliens like I don't think they're keeping this under you know and it was like some um uh General I think in the 60s who who say like show us the aliens like error 51 Etc and he said like

listen we're constantly trying to get the defense budget to uh expand and uh look you know what we really get uh no arguments for anyone uh if we pull out an alien and said we need money to protect ourselves from these guys you know how much money do you want you got it they look dangerous the fastest way to get a defense budget increase would you agree to pull out an alien you know we were like ,yeah ,I mean it could be the invasion feed it could be arriving any minute who knows so um you know as I digress but but you were

saying that our Consciousness makes us unique in the universe so far as we know and that yes I'm not saying that we are unique I'm simply stating to the best of my knowledge that there is no evidence for other, uh conscious life I I I I hope that there is and I hope they're peaceful uh obviously the two important characteristics um but um we're just saying we haven't seen anything yet so um but you think that we take our existence here for granted yeah I think there are threats to it yeah yeah yeah,

exactly so um I I just think we should not assume that Civilization is robust um and if you if you look at the history of civilizations the rise and fall of the ancient Egyptians the ancient Sumerians um Rome you know this uh throughout the world have been rising full of many civilizations um so there's an arc there's sort of a live a sort of a life cycle Arc to to civilizations just as there is to to individual humans yes and um and I think we just want to make sure that that you know uh we we have civilization go onward and upward

um and uh that's for example why I'm concerned about decreasing both rates and and um the fact that for example Japan uh had twice as many deaths last year as births so the the that's it and they're they're a leading indicators this is can I say and you've you've written and talked a lot about this but can I just ask you to pause just for a parenthetical note why is that I mean the urge to have sex and to procreate is after breathing and eating the most basic urge how has it been subverted, well it's just that in the past we could rely upon um you know simple uh limbic system rewards uh in order to procreate um but once you have birth control um and you know uh abortions and whatnot now now you now you can still satisfy Olympic Instinct but not appropriate, um, so we didn't we haven't yet evolved to deal with that because this is all fairly recent in the last 50 years or so um before birth control yes I'm sort of worried that hey civilization you know don't if we don't make enough people to

at least sustain our numbers perhaps increase a little bit then civilization is going to crumble just the old question of like uh will civilization end with a bang or a whimper well it's currently trying to end with a whimper in adult diapers, yes uh which is depressing as hell the most depressing I mean seriously ,yeah war is less depressing yeah it's really the guy with a bang yeah your shoes on yeah not with your exciting yeah whatever you think of Elon Musk he's one of the rare figures in this country,

maybe around the world who sticks to the fundamentals how do we keep the human race going what's good for Humanity and what's bad those are the questions our leaders should be discussing instead ,they're lecturing us about trans rights and systemic racism so it's refreshing to hear if you'd like to hear the entire thing the full uninterrupted .

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