guys welcome to another article, today we have crazy admission from the world economic Forum where they officially declared that Bitcoin is good for the environment this is insane as because as you know Bitcoin has been attacked for decades already.

 5 decades since its existence for being bad for the environment it's crazy and it's totally false and right now they are admitting it just Read to this is from the world economic Forum Read  this article ,

one of the key problems we're focused on on emission reduction is called flaring uh flaring happens either in the oil field or in landfills where you have this waste stream of gas that's associated with oil production or uh you know happens from decomposition of landfill I've been saying this for for years ,

I've been saying this for years it's crazy and they've been calling us destroying the climate CR you know climate deniers I've been saying that crypto is actually good for everyone okay, what cruso does is we actually uh build operate and manage these mobile and modular data centers that we co-locate on location with these waste sources of energy and then we we use those those waste methane streams to power these mobile modular data centers and so by doing that not only do we create a massive emission reduction from this previously uh wasted source of energy but we can also produce Ultra low-cost Computing infrastructure by harnessing uh this this otherwise stranded form of energy .

what is the best Computing infra that you can make money on instantly without delay where you turn on the button and you get money it is crypto mining there is nothing else but he's saying computer infrastructure there's no other computer infrastructure where you put on the button wherever you are in the world you can be on Mars, you can be anywhere and the mining starts flowing into your computer it's only crypto mining.

thank you foreign they're saying that this is this and that data Center's fossil fuels operating but also let's see if they mention this but this thing is not only for using the flaring energy that that is being wasted like you said from landfills and oil extraction this and that this is maybe more importantly what they miss here is uh ensuring that the renewable sector like the windmills you,

know all of that good jazz windmills the water and all of that that it can produce profit even when there's no demand in the electricity grid because that's a big problem you have Renewables if your windmill goes ballistic but there's no demand for that energy it's wasted, it's wasted because energy needs to be consumed at the same time as it's being produced okay ,so if you have a mismatch it's a waste but now with crypto you never have a waste you always put it straight into your Bitcoin miner.

you start getting that profit or into ether whatever you want whatever there is proof of work if there's no longer proof of work as you all know and that's fantastic that's the best thing with Bitcoin that's the best absolute best now as you've noticed they did not mention Bitcoin explicitly but we have this video now where they basically say it not explicitly but implicit they they would never they are ashamed to say that they were wrong I think I think we're going to be discussing this we're going to be going into all kinds of stuff we have right now also ,let me tell you another video this is from Mark Rubio saying that guys we're wrecked the US dollar it is wrecked and it's another thing where we on this channel and in this community all of us by the way all of us in crypto have been saying this already for years and years and years that you cannot use kyc and the sanctions on your currency too much without people leaving, I mean just just listen to this is from Mark Rubio uh listen look I think the bottom line is we're in a conflict and I think we have to start talking about it that way you know we a lot of times most of people are up here now I don't remember you know I was very young obviously at the end of the Cold War, but it's been about 30 years since there was another superpower on the earth that was in conflict with the United States and we are back in that place and we need to stop pretending like that's not the case now I hope it's never an armed conflict but it's a conflict at every level you

can imagine Brazil in our hemisphere largest country in the Western Hemisphere south of us ,cut a trade deal with China they're going to from now on do trade in their own currencies get right around the dollar they're creating a secondary economy in the world how dare them what the hell independent of the United States sanctions out there because ther e'll be so many countries transacting in currencies other than the dollar that we won't have the ability to sanction this is very true ,

 I think everyone now is understand sense you gotta take it easy with the sanctions and with the kyc stuff because by definition when you are using money ,you become a criminal or at least you're being treated as a criminal that's how it feels like whenever you're using money today in today's world the kyc is so heavy like you have to send a selfie with your with your electricity bill it feels that you're not really doing something legal although you're doing something perfectly legal but they're treating you as a person who is completely completely outside of the legal system and guess what money is made by definition for transacting with people you don't know, I think this is interesting to read as as an article that connects to the new EU rule you know that in the EU ,there is a new rule you need you cannot transact with anyone in cash over a thousand Euro and that's crazy if you don't care, I see them but money by definition is for is for interacting with people you don't know that's the whole idea with money because before money imagine you we don't have money we are in a small village, I know you you know me ,I give you some bread I know that next week you're probably gonna give me some cheese I give you a favor here, I know that listen next week you're gonna give me a favor here so we trust each other and money is not really needed because I know that if you're good at fishing throwing the Harpoon in the water getting all of them big fish and I'm good at you know chopping wood I give you some wood for firewood you give

me some fishing Harpoon and fish fantastic we have a perfect equilibrium now as the societies become more and more complex that no longer works because I give you my eggs from my hand from my chicken and then I never hear back from you and you live in another Village because now we're more interconnected we have this global system global trade and it just becomes more and more complex so what did we do instead we did money so I give you egg you give me exact value of those egg right now right now you give because I don't have time to wait for your for your favor back to me because I may never see you okay so this is how money was created is by definition for using with people you don't know you don't know these politicians, I mean really the people that do this KY system they're not even politicians as you know they're not elected it's in thin sand it's all of this organization non-elect organizations that impose Global rules uh put countries on a blacklist like Dubai you know in Dubai they had ultimate Financial Freedom and you can buy anything with crypto except for now where they are as in kyc because Vincent or someone put them on some Blacklist and in a U.S dominated world that has a lot of weight because you put someone on a blacklist now all countries like oh man we gotta be careful we don't want to also be on a blacklist but with the multi-polar world whether it's China Russia everyone is using their own currencies which we by the way now are seeing from brics is actually creating more freedom for everyone it ,

I mean it is a bit insane because brics as you know they're not the the next source of freedom and and uh and human rights normally if you compare globally although every thing is subjective but you get the point but by by decentralizing money actually they are bringing so much freedom to the world where if you want to have a country where anyone can do whatever they want with their money and the law enforcement can then take care of who is a criminal and not and by definition by default everyone is not a criminal when you use

your money if you have a lot of money you want to buy real estate just you know send me Bitcoin ,here's your apartment that's how it was in Dubai I don't know if that's the case right now because they they were forced to remove it not because they wanted but because of this uh you know things and Blacklist or whatever anyway guys we're going to be discussing all of that welcome and most importantly we're going to be looking at bitcoin price at all coins we're going to go into the digital stuff how to make money when Bitcoin is down we're going to be discussing that it's...

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