Elon Musk gives chilling warning on AI -

the power to destroy civilization; Elon musk's terrifying new warning on AI is sure to get your attention the billionaire Tech Tycoon telling Tucker Carlson about his concerns watch this AI is more dangerous than say mismanaged uh aircraft design or production maintenance or or bad car production in the sense that it is it has the potential however small one make regard that probability, but it is non-trivial, it has the potential of civilizational Destruction point just this week.

this is an absolutely chilling story an Arizona mom claimed that scammers used AI to clone her daughter's voice so that they could demand a one million dollar Ransom ,and Joe Rogan issued a warning about AI after someone created a fake complete version of his podcast ,it wasn't him he never had those guests on nothing about it was real with AI technology I am not the real Joe Rogan let me repeat it once more I am not Joe Rogan and the guests are not of the people they portray this is purely fiction just for fun so don't go around making little clips for your tick tocks and make the world believe I said things I never said every single word of this podcast has been generated with the help of chat GPT.

It's just scary on so many levels and you think about the potential criminal level of this Janine and this mom her daughter was on a ski trip she was with her other daughter she gets a phone call it's her daughter's voice saying crying through sobbing tears mom I messed up I messed up then a guy gets on the phone and says I want a million dollars if you want your daughter back, and she says I don't have the money then she gets it down to 50 000. and everybody's trying to help her they finally figured out that her daughter was okay and was where she thought she was this is happening a lot actually well think about how it happened before AI I mean when you got an email or you got a text message or you got a phone call wow that's the point now it's going to be more real than ever you know thousands scammed by AI voices mimicking loved ones in emergencies.

 but but in addition to the criminal aspects where they duplicate the voice of a loved one, I mean you've got the other piece that that Elon Musk is talking about and that is the basically the potential of civilization destruction , what concerns me and what I thought was fascinating and I don't know if I'm Pro or Con on this, I know I don't know enough but they had a woman who would never stop you before thanks a lot but the woman who had lost your seven-year-old daughter and she used a i to try to duplicate her daughter's voice and they had a picture of the daughter and you could see with these mechanical hands she was trying to grab on to her daughter who would who's deceased I can see people who lose a loved one a husband loses a wife, I gotta hear them again, I gotta see them again this is going to change our lives what about the guy with with the top secret access to Chara 21 years old all right how many people are going to do that and use that as an opportunity to continue to sell information you know that it,

this is that we're not ready for this we're absolutely not ready for it, but I I worry about the size psychological capacity that people have to deal with this whether it's fear whether it's emotional trauma we're already on the edge half of us are crazy not this half that half clearly yes but it's I mean when you think about Harold what Elon Musk has been able to do in his life right Rockets electric vehicles he's trying to he's an AI take over Twitter and now he's starting a new AI business. he's worked at it and researched in it for a long time.

I saying I think we should pause uh we don't know enough about this we can we're our concerns about China surpassing us look China has to be concerned about the same things we're concerned about with this with this technology can can an autocracy be upended uh if a number of hundreds of millions of people in the country decide to use AI or organize around some AI tool to do that so they have concerns as well ,so I think we pause to understand what Elon Musk is suggesting and even not only him there are a number of technologists and others who've suggested that there's a problem the judge and I talked about this on one of the first days we we this issue came up and we talked about who do you sue if you're defamed we thought we heard our own colleague Jonathan Turley that a horrible thing happened to him who do you sue who do you try to seek Justice from when something like that happens, so the pause I think is necessary for a variety of reasons physio typical lawyer well who do you hold accountable right. I'm gonna hold.

you accountable, that's what Jesus Jesse the Biden Administration says that ,they want to have regulations around AI ,but you know you get the very unnerving feeling that ,they and most of most of everybody doesn't really understand this, I think Elon Musk has probably a much better handle on it than they do but they want to start putting regulations on it does that concern you well Biden wants to regulate it because if anyone's going to be replaced with AI, it's Joe Biden ,I'm going to take an artificial stance on artificial intelligence by the time this thing gets going I'm going to be dead so I don't care I don't understand it's gonna take that long so I don't care I don't pretend to understand it like some people, so I don't care a robot can't replace me I'm not going to interview a robot a robot would never assassinate me it's inefficient the problem is this Elon Musk is building robot cars so he has all ,these worries because his robot cars are all crashing his robot cars run by AI are driving into lakes and they're blowing up or they're driving into the middle of a railroad track so that's what he's worried about you need the human touch behind ,the wheel of a self-driving AI car but for instance let's say I'm driving down the highway and I look to my right and what do I see I see a couple fornicating in the next store's car now do I slow down ,I'd probably speed up does a robot car see the other car couple fornicating no they stay right in their Lane they don't notice

the fornicating and then that fornicating couple's car crashes into them ,that's why you need someone behind the wheel Sully is a great example Sully saved lives he took the wheel of that jet and made it come down a robot couldn't have done that everyone gets worried when there's new technology that's introduced ,it happened with the printing press, it happened with nukes ,it happened with the synthesizer all the pianists were in a pickle oh I mean they're gonna I steal my job these synthesizers planning a piano is still  around there the point is this you're not going to replace workers with these robots because you can't cannibalize your economy ,you need consumers also notice when Americans got fat and depressed ,1978 if you look at the BMI charts boom we all blow up into big blimps that's because we stopped doing heavy work and all sat behind desk in front of computers now we're all fat and stupid and depressed, because we have the machines doing everything ,do you want to be the president of the United States?.

that lets 50 million robots replace 50 million human jobs no ,so it's not good for them either I think about Y2K and they told us that was going to you know end the entire Globe at that point and cloning was going to you know suddenly everybody was going to be cloned it was a panic so I don't know whether This falls in that category or not Greg yeah well uh after that artificial stance I think my brain is fried I think you've absolutely completely I did the impossible I tried gutfeld's bread so they're two they're,

two kinds of AI right there's the uh there's the information catcher right and then there is the thing maker, so look I wanted to separate them because there's two challenges in this the information catcher is let's say you have a mole on your on your shoulder and you take a picture of it you put it into your doctor you put it into your AI, doctor the doctor has control over all the information in the universe every medical study going back hundreds and hundreds of years has every study everything and comes back and tells you,

it's this kind of thing and it's 99.999999 but it's way better than any doctor tells you what what surgery what you need to do the problem is who put inputs inputs that info and does it have a bias the problem is all human beings have biases therefore AI will have a bias too so, so the ultimate kind of decision making in this area for human beings will be choosing choosing an AI whose bias you favor going to be just like cable news you're going to have a Fox News AI that you trust because it's transparently biased they know our opinions you're going to trust it but you can't have a CNN AI because they they lie they never tell you what they believe so what's going to happen is oh ultimately a biased AI will create it'll be a world of different kinds of AI so then you get to the the uh the AI that makes things and you run into these the, uh the problem what if what do you do when you create a machine that thinks without a conscious without being conscious right it's like it's like a meter maid writing a ticket you can't,

get her to stop that's the problem when when AI artificial intelligence reaches super intelligence where it's so recursive it's faster thinking and faster thinking and if it has a goal of making a ham and cheese sandwich and you're in the way of it making a ham and cheese sandwich it has no moral problem with getting rid of you ,it says one goal so artificial intelligence the danger here is super intelligence will have a goal that will put before any kind of moral reasoning yes yes those are the things so the  pause is really about the making of things because you don't want this machine to get out of hand but the other thing on us is we have to understand we have to look at AI just like we look at news that there's bias and they're human bias I've tried to stop people from writing tickets they always say the same thing I can't stop that's non-conscious thinking it's incredible you use fornication synthesizer and pianists all in this name so yeah apparently that happens all the time on the highway,

where Jesse drives Jersey now all right coming up next coming up next your kids don't belong to you apparently according to some liberals who claim that parent parental rights can be a threat to our democracy. I want you to do me a favor I want you to Share the post with your friends this is the only way that I know for sure that you're not going to miss any great commentary any great news bites any great interviews coming your way on financeanalys .you can get it all here onour site...

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