BlackRock CEO Larry Fink goes ALL IN on Crypto! (6 Coins)

more and more our Global Investors are asking us about crypto BlackRock is going all in on crypto ,  this is literally the largest asset manager in the world going all in on crypto it has a differentiating value versus other asset classes not Dogecoin not decentraland not Monero 

,but certain crypto coins that fit into their investment thesis we believe there's great opportunities and that's why we're seeing more and more interests listen very carefully to Larry Fink's crypto investment thesis pay very close attention to his reasoning here and then we'll talk about five or six altcoins that can fit into this and as I said I do believe a lot of crypto is an international asset it has a differentiating value versus other asset classes but more importantly because it's so International it's going to transcend any one currency in currency evaluation if you just look at the value of our dollar into how it depreci'll last two

 months and how much it appreciated over the last five years, I mean a international crypto product can really transcend that and that's why we believe there's great opportunities and that's why we're seeing more and more interests and that interest is broad-based worldwide we knew this would happen .

I told you this would happen we were telling you about the merits of crypto long before Larry Fink started investing in it chilling in it in fact when Larry Fink was actively flooding it is it true that you're building out a cryptocurrency capability  of no ,

 I mean we're looking at it we're looking at blockchain Technologies and we're looking at all the questions in crypto blockchain is just the underlying technology don't your clients want crypto exposure no I don't believe any client has sought out crypto exposure really yes but at some point they might do you need to be prepared , I don't at the moment no I have not heard from any

one client they're looking to and  buy a cryptocurrency at this time ,but right now I can tell you worldwide I have not heard from one client who said I need to be in this if you want to make money in crypto subscribe to our blogger.

so which crypto coins are worth investing in many coins did well in the past. but let's look towards the future comment which altcoins you like down below and why you like them I'll be Reading and Responding I think BlackRock is investing in at least three four five

out of these six coins Bitcoin is going to 1.5 million or at the very least 625 000 at least according to CEO of Arc invest Kathy Wood listen to her updated Bitcoin investment thesis you know BlackRock is thinking the exact same thing so our bull case is I think it's 1.5 million the base case is 600 ,

 and I think it's 625 5000 something like that now one reason we've actually internally our confidence has increased towards the bull case is because of what happened during the Regional Bank crisis in March what happened so as Regional banks are going bankrupt and and the stocks are imploding across the board,

for the kre Bitcoin rallied from nineteen thousand to thirty thousand  , why did that happen that was a flight to safety that is the insurance policy that we are talking about that we believe everyone will want at the end of the day insurance policy against two things confiscation of wealth either directly

or by inflation or in the deflation world , what is it a hedge against right it's a head against counterparty risk we won't have an 0809 with Bitcoin everything is decentralized and transparent no obfuscation cardano a sleeping giant in this space our audience knows this I was shocked when I heard this clip they're actively trying

 to sweep cardano under the rug they want cardano to pay to play cardano continues to build and Charles hoskinson the founder of cardano just called this guy a bold-faced liar and set the record straight kirkle says that they're not doing or not planning anything for cardano because there are no developers

on cardano or not no developers but there's not a lot of developers how come we have an industry your source is a bullface liar your source is a bullface liar the reason why they're not deploying is that the foundation won't pay them the eight figure amount that they want to deploy it has absolutely

nothing to do with the amount of developer adoption it has everything to do with pay to play so that's just it's just wrong I know because I've been directly party to these things that's how these business models work and that's the problem with this industry is people lie there's 1200 projects building on cardano 100 of which have already launched were I think never five or six for all overall blockchain developers we've absorbed the entire functional programming space and there's a huge amount of people doing things and Building Things so it's just a bull face lie to say there's no development activity we're number two for nfts that

alone should justify a stable coin because the transaction volume they can get a it's difficult to deploy on extended utxo and give all the things that they want to do like freezing and reversibility so it requires extra development effort and time to reason through and B the foundation didn't want to do pay to play they will be forced to,

recognize cardano one day I think cardano has never failed that's a pretty remarkable thing when millions of people tried to break it and it lived through pandemics staff changes markets up markets down and everything in between we're resilient and that's because of the Integrity of the process we won't lose that we're just going to

make the process better every day and eventually conquer the world so thank you all for listening it's a pleasure to be here it's good to be back and we got some work to do we're going for number one polygon is going through major changes change is so big I think the Press around these changes alone

 will send this token not to mention the fact that these changes are actually making polygon better this upgrade is actually going to make polygon more likely to be invested in by BlackRock or institutions like it polygon is getting a new token Matic will be no more you will eventually be able to swap your

 Matic tokens to their new token one to one ethereum educator Anthony sassano explains this they have unveiled the new polygon token or the poll token that will be replacing Matic essentially this is a token swap one for one so if you have one medic you can swap it for one poll this is not live yet this is just a

 proposal right now but essentially there are a few key changes to the Token here so as I said it's still one-to-one it starts off with a 10 billion total Supply which is the current total Supply and there is going to be a one percent inflation rate to validators in perpetuity and there's going to be a one

 percent inflation rate to a community treasury that poll token holders will have a governance over so total two percent additional issuance every year xrp is Banker's coin xrp unlike much of crypto is actively trying to work within the traditional framework xrp just won a landmark case against the SEC finally

 giving it legal Clarity you don't think Larry Fink and BlackRock are thinking about xrp just like this I'll get you to get your crystal ball out for me if if you don't mind Ripple intends to use xrp for cross-border settlements How likely is it that xrp becomes the number one cryptocurrency now that it does have a

bit more legal Clarity in the US compared to others yeah well I don't know necessarily if it's going to be the number one but suddenly looking at the breakdown I mean right now as it stands the big two are Bitcoin and ethereum I think ethereum has about 20 of the market and if you're um Bitcoin on any good days probably

 between 45 to 50 of the market so they are two behemoths still that need to you know there's gonna be a long way to go but xrp generally comes in at around number three in terms of trading volume in and around one of the better known stable coins so I we're still in the Foothills when it comes to use cases and

 kind of the development around the use cases of each of these different tokens but as somebody who used to work in banking you know I could appreciate the um issues around interbank transfers overnight Bank transfers you know FX transfers the delays that are kind of baked into those systems but using

something like an xrp token or others certainly gives you a lot around speed and a lot around transparency which I think is is the primary um use case that that Ripple have put forward with xrp and and full disclosure we're one of their of the Ripple Partners here for their on-demand liquidity program here

in Australia so I do have a horse in the race for the tour for transparency purposes but yes no I do think that it's it just really illustrates um the benefits of blockchain technology and uh the speed the transparency low cost there's a no plot there to that's worth exploring um both for traditional finance and and

 for potentially crypto investors Solana Solana continues to build and upgrade Solana is ethereum for Venture capitalists here the founder of Solana talks about an upgrade that will make Solana blockchain much more reliable I don't know if folks have heard but we have actually a separate team from the

ground up rewriting the Solana protocol in a separate language so when there's a memory leak or something like that the broad down the network the probability of it being in both clients is virtually zero so having two separate clients in the network will like basically give us the same reliability as you see in

 ethereum today finally my Wild Card pick is ICP I'm gonna tell you why ice CP is my Wild Card pick in a future video so make sure you subscribe and turn notifications on so you can be the first to comment when a new video drops here the ICP founder talks about crypto at large and this is exactly how they're

 building ICP I think web3 is going to be a very profound and transformative new phase of the internet that will fundamentally change the nature of online services and the nature of users relationships with those Services what is web3 I know nothing about it explain it to me it's fair to say that the

 meaning of web3 is evolving in real time you can have to describe web3 from my own perspective I think web3 is something much more profound than just nfts web 3 is about Reinventing the internet ecosystem so that online services run completely from blockchains in new forms in which users ultimately become pot owners of the services they

use and part of the team where these Services become tokenized actually and take new forms where for example social media or blend with defy to become social via Gamers or blend with D5 to come game five these will blend and turn with the metaverse .

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