China and Saudi Arabia just SHOCKED the world, and the U.S. is in serious trouble.

 China and Saudi Arabia just SHOCKED the world, and the U.S. is in serious trouble.


We are watching the collapse of an Empire happening in real time this week we saw one of the biggest stories in the world happened about 30 miles from where I am right now in Saudi Arabia here in the Middle East everyone is talking about it, but the story got almost zero attention because Donald Trump was arrested and the news media decided to send every camera they own to cover that story, even using helicopters following Trump's car like it was a O.J Simpson and a white Bronco story but some news organizations took the moral High ground and they told us they refused to cover the Trump story so Rachel Maddow is above it all but did she cover the biggest story in the world nope instead she spent actual minutes telling us why MSNBC is a great news organization is making remarks tonight from his home in Florida it is just getting started um so far he's just giving his normal list of grievances we don't consider

that necessarily newsworthy and there's a cost to us as a news organization of knowingly broadcasting untrue things so instead of covering real news they spend time telling us how great they are that's time well spent meanwhile you'll be able to tell your kids where you were when the United States of America did exactly what the Roman Empire did and utterly collapsed because all the signs were there staring us right in the freaking face, but the news media were on lunch break or out smoking a cigarette this week we got our clearest sign yet that America is in serious economic trouble and I'm going to show you what happened in Saudi Arabia and China that is sending shock waves through Washington and the Middle East right now the bite Administration is of course hiding it from you, 

they don't want to talk about it but I'll show you this in a minute but first I'm not being hyperbolic when I say that the United States is mirroring almost exactly what led to the fall of the Roman Empire just dive into the research because during the late Roman Empire the government found itself in almost the exact same situation as the United States today the Romans facing massive military spending to satiate their continued expansion they went into massive debt they started

borrowing all kinds of money in order to pay for this military expansion it all created a downward debt spiral that consumed the Roman Empire and they couldn't get out of it today the US government is also facing skyrocketing levels of debt with the national debt currently sitting at 33 trillion dollars this level of indebtedness is unsustainable how are they going to get out of this the United States now has over 750 military bases around the world it's one of the most infuriating things in the world to me, it's spending billions to overthrow other governments around the world here was Senator John

McCain in Ukraine in 2013 admitting their in the process of regime change Senator you have just addressed the crowd of protesters there yourself and PF what is it you're trying to do here hopefully what we're trying to do is bring about a peaceful transition here oh they got their proxy government all right so the U.S. has massive military expansion by installing our own proxy governments and military bases around the world but don't call it an Empire but it's the same thing as the Romans just with a different name another factor that contributed to the decline of the Roman Empire was the debasement

of the currency just like the United States in an effort to finance its military operations and other expenses the Roman Empire began to issue coins with less silver inside of it that led to hyperinflation it led to a loss of faith in the currency does that sound familiar to you where have I heard this before only this time the difference is that the United States dollar isn't tied to any gold or any silver it's tied to nothing the US dollar is backed up by debt and U.S. military power and most importantly using the US dollar to pay for oil transactions so this week Saudi Arabia surprised Joe Biden and the rest of the west by suddenly announcing a massive oil production cut which will reduce OPEC Plus's production by another 1.5 million barrels per day until the end of the year oil prices then shot up above 80 a barrel up six percent but it's not just about the oil production it's about what happened next the bind

Administration threatened Saudi Arabia with severe consequences of what pulling our military protection like what else are we going to threaten them with his response actually a jaw-dropper the Crown Prince said he's done pleasing the United States and he doesn't care what President Biden thinks of him done pleasing the United States the only reason that I can think of that you say something like this publicly in an interview in a newspaper is because you're already dating somebody else and the Saudis are now fully engaged with China and Russia this game is over for the United States now for a few years now Saudi Arabia has been moving away from the United States then candidate Biden said they need to be treated like they're a pariah like the Pariah they are remembered this and I would make it very clear we were not going to in fact sell more weapons to them, 

we were going to in fact make them pay the price and make them in fact the Pariah that they are but then suddenly we needed cheap oil and Biden flew over to the kingdom to Kiss the Ring of the Crown Prince it was embarrassing, and then this moment happened reporters at that meeting yelled out hey Mr President is Saudi Arabia still a pariah just watch the Crown Prince laugh about it during that? Thank you now  we've relied on them for their oil reserves and they relied on us for our military protection it's been a mutually beneficial relationship, but that's all changing now they're starting to look beyond the United States for allies and are forging closer ties with countries

like China and Russia so what does this mean for the United States well for starters it means we're going to lose a boatload of money Saudi Arabia is one of the world's largest oil producers and we've been buying their oil for years they start selling to China and Russia instead and now we're going to have to pay more for our oil just sitting here in this port watching the Saudi Arabian oil barges leave port and go out it's an amazing sight to behold so that's going to hit the Americans consumers very, 

very hard as everything from gas prices to heating bills will go up but it's not just oil prices that will be affected Saudi Arabia is also a major investor in the United States they own a lot of our debt and they invest heavily in American companies if they start pulling their money out of the United States it's going to hurt our economy it's already happening just look at the inflation numbers Saudi Arabia is not only distancing itself from the United States but also selling off its Holdings of U.S. treasury bonds, which is a devastating blow to the U.S. economy it's worth noting that Saudi Arabia has been the largest foreign holder of U.S. 

treasury bonds for many years, so this is a significant shift in the global economy now some might say so what's a big deal which is one country selling off some bonds what's the big deal here Clayton will let me explain because U.S. treasury bonds are a critical source of funding for the United States government and they are used to financing everything from Social Security to Medicare military infrastructure everything and what a country like Saudi Arabia sells off large amounts of these bonds it puts downward pressure on the prices which means that the United States government now has to pay higher interest rates to attract new buyers, this can increase the cost of borrowing for the US government which can in turn lead to higher taxes inflation even a massive recession which we are facing right now and right now China Russia and Saudi Arabia are dumping massive amounts of U.S.

Debt if they won't Finance our massive debt then who will who's going to step in who has money so why this week why did all of this happens now because follow the money the US dollar is dying and America's power is dying China's new partnership with Russia has grown even further China mediated a new era of peace between Iran and Saudi Arabia just look at these guys shaking every hand they have in one big Chinese noodle salad I don't see Biden's hand in there between Iran and China and Saudi Arabia the U.S. has been trying to create Havoc between these countries but they're not having it, in fact exports of oil and Precious Minerals have dramatically shifted away from the United States to one another to these new Partnerships the United States has been using its control over the dollar to weaponize its economic power, using sanctions against China Iran and Russia trying to pressure other countries to comply with its foreign policy goals the sanctions show just how desperate the United States is to try and replace dependence on Russia and China for all of our minerals and our manufacturing we are sitting on mountains of uranium lithium gold oil 

and yet we don't have the infrastructure to pull it out of the ground last week the head of the European Union commissioned Ursula underline admitted the truth about our Reliance on China and Russia for minerals and resources it was a pretty big admission moment listen we know this is an era where we rely on one single supplier China for 98 of our Rare Earth Supply 93 of our magnesium 97 of our lithium just to name a few and literally on the same day that she made that statement Ford Motor Company admitted its spending billions to team up with China to mine minerals for its electric cars this is how bad it's gotten guys the New World Order unfolding right before our eyes the United States loves to try sanctions first and if those don't work they go to war next so that's the news update part of this video from Middle East now I want to introduce you to today's sponsor which is tied directly to North America's need for lithium and precious

metals and that is Fe battery Metals now the last time I talked about this company their stock was trading at 36 Cents a share now right now as of this recording its trading at 51 cents a share it's 180 percent growth in the last year 180 percent if you're an investor you better pay attention to what I'm about to show you because historically when companies announce drilling results their stocks tend to rise now I'm not saying that's going to happen here but I'm saying that per personally I like to invest in minerals companies before they announce drilling results and that's exactly why I'm showing you this company here is there Ticker on your screen that's f e m f f they are Fee battery Metals again thank you for all the emails guys you sent me a lot of emails telling me that you made a lot of money investing in some of the companies that we feature here on the show that's awesome, but that's all on you, you guys have done your homework you've done your own due

diligence so you know you should Pat your own selves on your back right now because if you know anything about the mining sector you know that when a company announces drilling results their stock has the potential to Skyrocket again I'm not saying that's going to happen no one can predict the market at all if they say they can predict it they don't know what they're talking about but four weeks ago I told you about another company before they announced drilling results their stock price doubled in 48 hours and now it's at a new high Fe battery Metals is actively drilling for lithium as we speak now in

the past I've profiled minerals companies that had successful drilling results and their stock doubled overnight again I'm not going to say that's going to happen here I'm just saying that this company checks all the boxes of companies that I've profiled in the past so when I'm looking at factors leading up to making massive gains I want to make massive gains when I invest in minerals companies like that's why I do it right I hold real estate I hold gold but if I want to make a huge profit in a short amount of time I look for companies that are actively drilling because I believe that's where the real money is I believe Fe battery Metals right now has what it takes for massive growth so let me tell you about Fe battery Metals they're a small company they're a small market cap company and the CEO is doing exactly what I would be doing if I ran his company he's bought land right next to the hottest lithium

mining territory in Canada some of the biggest mining companies in Canada are right there next door so they've literally bought land surrounding some of the hottest spots in the world and the land is sitting next to multi-billion Dollar lithium mining companies actively Drilling and they're drilling right now strategically in this newly acquired land they're not sitting on this land they know the demand for lithium is off the freaking charts right now so it's a brilliant move like buy the land around the hottest lithium companies in the world and start drilling in their backyard it's a brilliant move they also don't have to ship the lithium away to be processed

they do it in-house which means they control the process from Soup To Nuts so I've watched these Acquisitions happen before guys and if I'm one of these big mining companies and suddenly this little guy is in my backyard and he strikes it rich I'm going to acquire that company overnight and I'll rolltheir findings into my findings so they're perfectly primed for acquisition once they hit pay dirt again I'm not saying that's going to happen because no one knows but they are perfectly primed for acquisition if they announce great drilling results remember America has one lithium mine that's it and the new numbers out this week on lithium are stunning, the United States is about to double the amount of electric vehicles on the road by 2027. Biden says that he wants all combustion engine cars sales to be done by 2035 no more gas cars he's crazy, 

but that's what's happening this is all a World Economic Forum planned by the way Klaus Schwab is super happy about it no more combustion engines just look at the amount of minerals needed to make an electric car versus a combustion engine car copper lithium nickel Cobalt zinc just to name a few, so the need for these minerals is off the charts and this company Fe battery Metals has been snapping up all the lithium land that it can find so here's Fe battery Metals stock ticker on the screen once again it's f-e-m-f-f and as of this recording their stock is up 180 percent over the past year it's trading at 51 cents a share as of this recording at this hour and for some added context on this land that they've

just acquired they own 100 of the land in one of the most promising lithium exploration zones in Canada right now this company has been able to acquire approximately 27 000 hectares of land and the hottest lithium mining districts in Canada, so guys keep your eye on this company over the next few weeks there stock is trading at 51 cents a share.

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